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GM Renewables is an MCS Accredited installer of Solar Thermal and PV panels as well as Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps in Berkshire. We moved into renewables as a direct result of demand from our customers.

Solar panels in Berkshire

We have installed heat pump systems ranging from small domestic up to 100kW as well as domestic and commercial PV and PVT systems.

We work throughout England and Wales and have recently completed installations as far apart as Kent, Devon and Cheshire. Our Aim is to provide advice on renewable energy from initial ideas right through to installation and commissioning of all types of renewable energy systems.

We specialise in Solar PVT and PV panels as well as Heat Pumps. We are not tied to any manufacturer and can therefore advise on what will work best for you: Solar PV, heat pumps, PVT or Solar thermal panels. Our team consists of staff trained in all types of renewable energy as well as conventional plumbing. This allows us to integrate new technologies into existing properties with the minimum of fuss.

Renewable energy

Renewable is energy that replaces its self. The most obvious being Geothermal heat, this is heat that is extracted from the ground. By tapping into this supply of heat we can harvest as much energy as we want. We do however have to use a small amount of energy to extract the heat. We do this by using a heat pump and heat exchanger, this works like a fridge in reverse, sucking free heat out of the ground and into your home.

Solar Energy

is another source of renewable energy. This can be captured by direct thermal energy absorbing panels or photovoltaic cells or a combination of the two.

Solar panal array Berkshire

This picture shows a solar pv array using photovoltaic solar panels. There are other technologies most notably Solar absorption panels, these turn solar light directly into hot water. There is also a combination of the two called PVT. Solar PV panels qualify for Feed in Tariff. Solar absorption and PVT qualify under the proposed Renewable Heat Incentive.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pump by Danfoss

Work on the same principal as a fridge, but in reverse. If you have ever touched the back of a fridge you will know it is quite hot. Imagine if those elements were in the fridge and the cooling elements were on the back of the fridge. The inside would heat up quite quickly. That's how heat pumps work.

This diagram shows a cut away of a typical Air source heat pump system. Heat pumps can also be sourced from the: Air, Ground or Water. These different systems are discussed in depth in our heat pumps section. The Renewable Heat Incentive will include heat pumps as a qualifying source.


Solar Panels

Heat Pumps

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